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Giants Facility Bookings

By booking Giants Baseball Club batting cages, you are agreeing to the terms of use.


Club training and game day has priority


Check the calendar below for diamond and cage availability. When booking the batting cages please limit duration to 60 minutes for each booking. The north batting cage contains the pitching machine. The south cage is for tee work and soft toss.


Batting Cage Rules


All Players must use the QR Code Link

to register prior to using the batting cages 

  • All players MUST wear a Helmet when batting

  • Whoever is feeding the baseballs MUST also wears protective headwear

  • No metal cleats are to be worn

  • No eating in the Cages

  • Please remove any rubbish (drink bottles etc.) after use

  •  Please cover the Hack Attack pitching machine once finished and hang the blue tarpaulin up (Out of sight out of mind).


Please note


  • ONLY Giants players past and present can swing the bats in the batting cages. This also extends to the Giants coaching staff as well.

  • Please book the batting cages at all times through the Giants website.

  • No Tee-Work in the North Cage (soft toss & machine pitch ONLY)   

  • There are lights now installed in the Tee Work / Soft Toss Cage. No practise under lights is go past 8pm – NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Please ensure all batting cages & containers are securely locked after use.

  • Should the Zooka machine be used please ensure it is placed back on charge after use.

  • Please lock main access gate from Holt Road if you are the last car to exit car park.

  • At all times be respectful of our neighbours.

  • Should any damage occur or be found please report to Nathan Fuz and Lauren Stewart.



A key-lock box has been installed please contact Lauren Stewart for the access code.

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